How to Setup Squid Proxy Server in Windows 7/8/10 or Windows Server

Today we will learn how easily you can setup Squid proxy server in Windows 7 / 8 / 10 or Windows server any versions.

Video Tutorial Link:

Let’s begin:

Step- 1
Download Squid server from this link:

Step- 2
Unzip Squid proxy server and paste into C:\ drive as mention below:

Step- 3
Configure the squid server type in command prompt (CMD) as mention below:

Note: Find the CMD from system32 and “Run as administrator” by right button click

cd c:\squid\sbin (Press Enter)
squid -i (Press enter for create squid service)
squid -z (Press enter for create squid log file)

Step- 4
Configure the proxy port, HTTP sites access allow/deny and log data from C:\ Squid\squid\etc\squid.conf as mention below:
Default Port: 3128
Open the squid.conf in notepad and find “http_port 3128” by typing, you can change the port: 8080

Configure HTTP sites access find “http_access deny all” by typing and change as mention below:
http_access allow all

Configure log data find “cache 100 16 256” by typing and change as mention below:
c:/squid/var/cache 5000 16 256 (Save and exit)

Step- 5
Now start the Squid service by type in command prompt (CMD) as mention below:
net start squid

Note: If you want to use this proxy any corner of the world, you may need a public IP and allow firewall the proxy port.

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Video Tutorial

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