How to Reset or Recover Forgotten Windows 10 Password (Updated)

Today we will learn how easily you can reset forgotten windows 10 password without any third-party software.

Video Tutorial Link:

Let’s begin:

Step- 1
Boot from windows 10 DVD

Step- 2
Click Next

Step- 3
Click Repair Your Computer

Step- 4
Click Troubleshoot

Step- 5
Click Advance options

Step- 6
Click Command Prompt

Step- 7
Type in command prompt copy C:\Windows\System32\utilman.exe C:\

Step- 8
Copy CMD from System32 and replace Utilman.exe as mention below:

copy C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe C:\Windows\System32\utilman.exe (Enter and type y then press enter again and restart your system)

Step- 9
After load windows 10, click from left side Ease of Access type in CMD as mention below:

net user (Press Enter you see the entire users list, now we reset the forgotten password)
net user mrcnit * (Press enter)
Put password abc*123 Enter and put confirm password abc*123 Press Enter Again


You can active and change administrator password as mention below:
net user administrator /active:yes
net user administrator * (Enter and put password and confirm password)

Important Note:
For security purpose you must need to move & replace the previous backup utilman.exe as mention below:

move C:\utilman.exe C:\Windows\System32\utilman.exe

If you don’t understand or you have any queries, please comments, we will try replying you ASAP.

Video Tutorial

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