How to fix internet browsing problems or slow browsing

Today we will learn how to solve internet browsing problems/slow browsing without third-party software.

Video Tutorial Link:

Let’s begin:

Step- 1
Check your network connectivity and ping on google public DNS as mention below:

Disable and Enable your Ethernet

ping -t (If the pinging 30-150ms that mean your connectivity is ok)

Step- 2
Clear DNS cache from your computer type in Command Prompt (CMD) as mention below:
ipconfig /flushdns

Step- 3
Clear caches from Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer as mention below:
Mozilla Firefox: Clear browser cache/history from Firefox as mention below:
Tools > Options > Privacy you may click “clear your recent history” and clear everything by selecting “Everything”

Google Chrome: Clear browser cache/history from Chrome as mention below:
Menu> Setting > History you may click “Clear browsing data” and clear everything by selecting “The beginning of time”

Internet Explorer: Clear browser cache/history from IE as mention below:
Tool> Internet Options you may click “General” and clear everything by clicking “Delete”

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