Computer Security – Get rid of Malware, Spyware and Adware Now

Computer-Security-Get-rid-of-Malware,-Spyware-and-Adware-NowYou should know to secure your computer from getting hacked by some remember if you follow these guidelines it will be extremely difficult for a hacker to enter into your PC and to hack your data. As today everything from banking, business, studies etc is online so the threat of being hacked is becoming more and more dangerous. Ok, so listed below are the steps you should follow.

Do not disclose your IP address:
This biggest mistake you could ever do, never disclose your IP address to anybody because ip address is the address of your computer. once the hacker knows the address of your computer it will be easy for him enter into your home(computer) and steal your accessories ( data and passwords).

Do not download any suspicious software or attachments:
A lot of people search for cracks and keygens online. Remember this is most exploited method used by the hackers to hack into the PC (personal computer) they usually attach a key logger or virus with the crack or the keygen. Once you download and install it then your data will be automatically sent to the hacker without your permission and this might lead to a disaster if you are a online business man because your sensitive information such as Paypal account information, e-mail account information can be sent to the hackers.

Use good antivirus and firewall program:
Do not depend upon windows firewall to protect yourself from online hackers. It is always a wise decision to use a good firewall program and do install a good antivirus program. If you don’t have enough money right now go for the free antivirus and firewall program but make sure that you have a updated antivirus and a firewall installed on your computer.

Use secure passwords (3D passwords):
Always use 3D passwords to protect your accounts from getting hacked. Your password must contain digits, special symbols like underscore (_) and characters. Do not use small passwords. Your password should be at least eight characters long in length ( 6w5;Lh8q*AsZ ) make strong random password from this link: Password Generator

Always logout from your accounts:
You should always logout from your accounts instead of closing the browser window directly because whenever you login into your account a cookie is placed by the server into your account and when you logout this cookie is deleted. If you do not logout and the cookie is not deleted the hacker might gain access to this cookie and then he would be able to login into your account from his pc.

Make backup of your data:
Some viruses are made to destroy your data so it is always advisable to store your data in a backup file.various good data backup programs are available on the internet.

Get rid of Malware, Spyware and Adware Now
Malware means software that was made to get into and damage your computer system without your consent. Once it appears on your machine, it can be very challenging to get rid of while it differs from program to program, malware can either be annoying or seriously damaging to all components of your system. By law, malware is a computer contaminant, making it completely illegal.

To remove malware safely and efficiently, you need a tool that puts the most responsive scanner in your hands. PC cleaner doesn’t just remove adware and spyware on your computer, it seeks out subsidiary registry entries and duplicate files in order to destroy them, leaving nothing behind that can threaten your system.

Spyware is also notorious for making your PC sluggish and unresponsive. Sometimes this is by design but many times the sluggish performance is a result of poorly created spyware and malware programs that conflict with the other programs running on your computer.

Many programs that are free on the internet contain spyware and people should always be careful of this when installing such programs on their computer. Once installed, these tiny programs can run completely undetected collecting your personal information, tracking the tasks you perform on your computer, or bombard you with annoying pop ups and ads.

Spyware is such a huge problem that Dell Computers reports 20% of all their tech support calls involve Spyware and Virus related problems. Even worse, these problems take 2-3 times longer to solve than non-spyware related support calls.

As a result, spyware now infects close to 90% of all internets connected computers with an average of 25 instances of spyware and virus per PC.

Just a few of the things spyware and malware can monitor and collect about you:

The Web Sites You Visit
Your Instant Message Conversations
Credit Card Numbers You Use
The Items You Purchase Online
Usernames and Passwords Used To Access Your Favorite Sites
Your Incoming and Outgoing Email Messages
Your Bank Account Numbers
Other Important and Personal Information

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